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Probably the most well-known mini-game on the internet casino, the crash game is a great way to boost a balance while having fun.

What is Solcrash ?

Solcrash is a casino game on the Solana blockchain. The concept of Solcrash is simple to understand. It takes the form of a curve that rises, increasing a winnings multiplier as it goes along. However, be aware that the curve can crash at any time and cause you to lose your bet if you don’t get out in time with your winnings.

After testing most of the casino crash games, our team has made a selection of the best casino crash games of the moment.

How to play to Solcrash ?

If you are new to Solana games, Solcrash may be a bit foreign to you. But don’t worry! The gameplay is exceptionally simple and only a few rounds will allow you to master it completely. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose a betting currency – cash or digital currency. Take a second look to be sure, as most casinos offer multiple coin wallets.
  • Set a bet amount for your current game. You can also choose to halve your last bet or even double it with the hotkeys available in the dashboard. Place your bet and wait for the graph to start moving.
  • Choose a place to stop before the chart collapses. Remember, the chart can crash at any time – at insane heights or even seconds after the start line – so choose wisely.
  • Your winnings will then be instantly credited and a new round will begin.
  • Receive your payout instantly.

How to get the bonus on Solcrash

Connect your wallet , and click on your profile.

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