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  • Reputable website
  • Dozens of amazing poker variants to play
  • Speedy deposits and withdrawals
  • Can deposit in cryptocurrency
  • Not available in every region.
  • Have to download extra software to play the games.
  • Bonuses can be a bit confusing, at times.


  • Crypto:
  • Bonus:
    Up to $600

GGPoker Review 2022

GGPoker is one of the largest poker rooms in the world. However, as some people will tell you, bigger doesn’t always mean better. So, is GGPoker a great site, or does it leave a lot to be desired? That’s what we want to discuss in this GGPoker review.

Is GGPoker Legit?

Yes. GGPoker is a legit online poker room. It received its gambling license in Malta. If you know the world of gambling, then you will know that gambling licenses issued in Malta require a site to conform to very strict standards, as well as ensure that they offer a fair playing experience for their customers. Honestly, it is a good thing that the site is based in Malta. It helps to protect you, the player.

GGPoker Bonuses

If we were to mention every single bonus that GGPoker offers, then we would be here forever. You only have to glance at their front page to know what you are in for.

New users that deposit a minimum of $100 can get their hands on a wealth of free play tickets or, instead, you can opt to have your deposit matched up to $600.

Regular players will have access to even more bonuses. This includes access to high-paying tournaments, the potential to win vacations, and a whole lot more.

It seems as if there is always something different to experience when you are kicking around on GGPoker, so whenever you sign in, we recommend that you make a beeline for those bonuses page. You never know what you will uncover!

GGPoker Software

As with almost every single poker site around, well poker sites worth their salt, you are going to need to download some additional software if you want to play GGPoker.

In our experience, the software is incredibly smooth to use. It has worked on most computers we have, even some of the older ones. The installation is quick, the UI is easy to navigate, and it has regular updates to ensure that you can always take advantage of the latest features.

There is also an app available for both Android and iOS. This means that if you feel like playing GGPoker on the go, you can. Of course, the app is just as well designed as the software for computers. In fact, we reckon that it is slightly better designed, likely down to the fact that the vast majority of GGPoker players seem to be on their mobile devices.

GGPoker Gambling Options

As with the bonuses, there are far too many options here to list.

Obviously, GGPoker is dedicated to Poker. This means that the only thing that you can find at GGPoker will be poker games…and there are a lot of them.

Obviously, you have your staple cash games. However, GGPoker also experiments with a few poker variants. This includes all-in three stacks and battle royale, to name but a few. If you have never checked out some of these poker variants, then we suggest that you do. If you don’t know how to play, that is cool. GGPoker provides a wealth of information on playing their games. In fact, even if you have never played poker before, GGPoker provides ample tuition to get you started. 

On top of this, you have daily and weekly tournaments that can provide you with even more access to huge wins.

The popularity of GGPoker means that you will always be able to find a game to play with somebody. You may even spot some of the pros kicking about on the site. Yep. it is that popular. 

GGPoker Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

While GGPoker does accept deposits in fiat currency, this is primarily a cryptocurrency website. This means that you can deposit, and withdraw, using all of the main cryptos including Bitcoin and Etherum.

When you deposit crypto, it will always be shown in a $ amount in your account. This just makes it easier for you to make your bets.

Deposits and withdrawals are fast. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals should take no more than a few hours, barring a couple of exceptions. 

GGPoker Review – Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency poker room, then GGPoker is probably the best that there is. There is a reason why thousands upon thousands of people are getting their poker kicks on this site every single week.

We recommend that you check it out. Don’t forget to take advantage of that welcome bonus for the best start to your poker adventurers at the GGPoker site.